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So yesterday I discovered this quote that was lying around in my kitchen and it literally made me put things into perspective so much. Where do I want to be in the next ten years? Hopefully achieving my  longest ambition, to be a journalist. How am I going to do that? Well uni? But how do I get to uni I ACTUALLY HAVE TO WORK and it's made me think this is the motivation I have been lacking, I want to open those grades on exam result day and know I've put my 111% biggest effort into them.

I want to travel, I want to be in documentaries like stacey Dooley, I mean how amazing would it be to be an investigative journalist like I would love that more than anything, learning about people's lives different cultures that excites me

Not only that I love the idea of working in the bbc ever since I had the opportunity to interview Adele  Roberts from radio 1xtra I knew this was the place I aspired to be in the future, weirdly I felt kind of at home? Don't get me wrong it was the most terrifying but rewarding experience I have ever done and I'm constantly proving to myself I can CAN do things. Working in radio is something that really interests me, it wouldn't of it you asked me 2 years ago I would of freaked out and told you I couldn't think of anything worse than millions of people knowing I exist and hearing my voice. Now it's my determination and goal to get myself out there and do you know what it could take me years, hundreds but I'm not going to give up like I won't with this blog, I don't care if one person or a billion people read this Aslong as I know I can help someone that's all I need.

Finally apart from all this radio and broadcast I do really hope my blogging gets noticed and I'm willing to work even harder for that now. I would love to start vlogging but I won't do that until I have enough people interested in my blog but again it's something I'm going to work with and I will do this, when I look back at this in the future I can't wait to tell you all how I did it.

Honestly I know how hard it is to get motivated but literally think of your future set your goals and it might not work out exactly like that but that doesn't mean give up, try harder, because as cheesy as it is LIFE IS FULL OF BEAUTIFUL OPPORTUNITIES

Ella xxxx

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