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Motivation lacking

So guys its been a while, and I do apologise for that, but now its SPRING and ok I'm feeling alot happier about this season. First of all a round of applause for me for actually getting a job. I guess for now thats the only thing I can really be proud of. I'm not too sure what I'm thinking of this year so far but all I can hope is that it improves.

Now exams are what.. two months away now and all I'm thinking about is relaxing on the beach in Malia for my girls holiday. There are times, like now where I literally cant motivate myself to do anything I feel completely useless, and the problem with this feeling, is it feels like its never ending. Almost like you're trapped. Its so hard to give yourself that boost to get up and go when you get into a mood like this.

Tip numero 1
- Distraction, you have to have to have to not let this feeling build up and up because once it does, well you're over basically. You have to stay on top of everything and just keep HAPPY

Tip numero 2
- You're completely and utterly not let me repeat NOT alone, everyone feels like this, I mean there are times where I literally feel so alone and then I kinda remember hey I'm a teenager and this is completely normal to feel like the world is ending because of exams and just life in general

The key to staying motivated is to make sure you're happy, you can't force happiness but you can sure get it, and to get it you have to work for things and things in the end, WILL work out, so don't be down in the dumps, its so normal to freak out before exams and think yeah I'm not going anywhere with my life, we are all in the same position

Let me know of any posts, I just love writing and to think its helped one person, well thats more than enough for me


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