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Skin troubles and body image

Now if you're like me one tiny spot can feel like your life is about to end, so imagine how I feel when the whole of the solar system has decided to populate my entire forehead. Well I'll tell you not great, not great 

Body image is something that has always affected me and luckily I've always been blessed with good skin, never suffered from spots ever. I say EVER until now, I feel like fate has hit me right in the face and I mean literally, cos it kinda has

Anywhere else on my body the spots could populate but no let's go straight for the forehead which works even better when Ella has to work in retail with customers who stare at your face. It's not great for your confidence I'll tell you that's kinda not the end of the world

I mean it literally is but there are remedies and I'll keep you posted on how mine work, so currently I'm applying little makeup to that area and trying to keep my skin cleansed at all times, it's a vicious circle I can get rid of them one minute then the next I've got 50 again

If you have any remedies/products you know of that have helped you please please feel free to comment

But I think the most important thing to rmemeber is to you, you feel like the entire world can see every flaw on your body, well let me tell you from experience of crying to friends and family about how bad I felt over my body image, ITS ONLY YOU THAT CAN SEE IT AS BAD AS IT IS, to everyone else it's barely noticeable and the problem what I learnt was I brought attention to things that were bothering me and then people DO notice

So my advice at these difficult times, I know how degrading it can be for you self esteem and body image but honestly it's only bad to you to everyone else you look perfectly normal 

Maybe I should start taking my own advice, does anyone else find that you advise people when really you should use the same advice

Hope this helps 


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