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The difference between boys and girls TEXTING

I think I have met my life saviour, I've just read this mind bobbling article that has made me re think my life basically and how I always over analyse everything

Literally check it out, it's about how boys think whilst texting. 

If you're like me I like to text people and get some form of reply, I hate when I'm ignored, I will check every social media to see if you're online, I will think you hate me or you are in love with some other gal, literally the list goes on and I already sound like a physco so gonna leave that one there 

But it's so true, girls and boys operate so differently when texting. Girls can literally multi task, find any second in the day to reply and it's always on their mind, whereas boys tend to just focus on knw thing and they lose track of time. THEY CAN'T MULTI TASK and that means we instantly assume because they have left it 10 mins they hate our guts

So after reading this article I had a long hard think about how much I over react and how I probably scare boys off by constantly asking if they are uninterested in me. 

My advice to you is you both have to be equally invested in a relationship or even if you're seeing someone, don't be the one who makes the time and effort.

But remember boys don't want to build bonds over texts like we do with our gal friends they want to be kind of blunt I guess and to the point? DOESN't mean they hate us and that's something I majorly need to understand 

I've always thought so negatively when boys haven't replied to me and in relaity they don't even realise they have upset you 

So deffo check out that article and I'm sorry if I sound like a physco I'm not that bad 

Ella xxxz

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