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How many times have you heard that phrase?

Now I'm not being funny but I actually get rather insulted and offended by being called 'too skinny' like cmon why do you have to add the 'too' part? I wouldn't say to someone omg you're huge, you need to stop eating, you're close to obesity.

So why is it ok to label a skinny person and that's supposed to be seen as a compliment compared to calling a fat person 'fat'. Where does that logic come from?

The most close minded thing about this topic is that some people genuinely have eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia or the opposite where you over eat. Now imagine if you were saying 'you're too thin' to someone with a disorder, the affect that would have on them, you just wouldn't do it, so why do friends, family, acquaintances think it's ok to comment on your weight.

I mean when you first meet someone, I don't think of their weight straight away, I don't look them up and down and think god she's podgey , she's skeletal, I don't even know what I think about but their appearance doesn't strike me to comment on, how is that going to affect their personality.

So have you ever heard any of these, because this is the story of my life and it literally drives me insane:

1- You need to eat more
2- Have you even eaten today
3- How are you soo thin
4- Why are you so skinny
5- I could break you
6- You need some meat on them bones
7- Do you eat?
8- You're too thin

I could go on and on and on. Now some people think, hang on, I would love to be called 'thin' its a COMPLIMENT, oh is it now, being labelled by your weight 24/7 is a major compliment, why can't you say oh your figure is nice!

It gives people a major complex about their weight, for example, I feel like I can't talk about food and meals around my friends because they will say ' but you don't even eat' and although they are not doing it maliciously it hurts right?

I can't even explain to you the amount of junk I consume on a daily basis, I could eat my body mass easily. I'm a typical junk food binge teenager who thrives off sugar. I've never had any type of eating disorder and I don't think I have a relatively high metabolism, I'm thin because this is my build. I'm not thin because I work out all the time ( Walking up the stairs is my daily exercise), I'm not thin because I starve myself, I could go on and on. I'm just me for goodness sake

I think this post applies to the majority of teenage girls, now you're either the girl who says those things to your friends or your the girl who has to grin and bare the insults

Sorry but I think calling someone fat is exactly the same as calling someone thin, there are no positive connotations to either of those phrases. They are both equally insulting and why do we even need to say it!

Let me know your views on this too skinny idea and have you had similar experiences?

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