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Black denim

I am a major lover of denim and dungarees as you may know from previous posts. So I've always wanted a black denim/dungarees dress AND I FOUND ONE, it's taken years, shopping for hours in Birmingham desperately trying to make the teeny weeny Miss Selfridge styles fit me and no look

So you can imagine my happiness when browsing on depop, I can across someone who was selling one and there we go story over, got this lil beauty for £10. Don't bother with all the high street stores, second hand clothing is just as good these were never even worn, so you benefit both ways.

What I love about denim is it's for every season, I can make this a summery outfit adding a pair of shades my large floppy hat and some cute sandals or I can make it wintery with tights and boots.

So as usual a few non decent pics for you to browse through 

Let me know what you're loving this summer


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