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Oversized shirtsI

 I've always had an obsession with oversized clothes, but most importantly black clothes. But then again who doesn't???
So this oversized black shirt I have recently purchased is from Missguided. Now I can't say I'm a major fan of misguided because I can never get clothes that fit properly and their sizes are always a size bigger or smaller than you actually are. So I decided to take a risk with this shirt. It was £30, at first I wasn't keen on it because I thought it was majorly long and not very flattering, however its now my new obsession. You can wear it causal or going out out. I literally am in love and definetly would purchase another one of these shirts, probably in black again maybe with different details.

So yeah I am really happy with this purchase, sorry about my scarily porcelain ghost legs, I hate being this pale and when you wear black it enhances it more..sigh

Let me know if you have any questions

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