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Ruined plans

Getting cancelled on last minute sucks right?

You get all dolled up, your hair goes right for once and you just feel ok, you feel me gals? This is my current emotions, my eyeliner has even gone right for once and it's like it sets you up to be let down and that sucks 

so far this week hasn't been great, I'm freakin freakin out about exams, stress levels are sky high and you know as usual bois bois bois affecting your emotions 10X harder

But it's ok I'm gonna remain positive because as soon as you start being negative you set yourself up to be let down, SO NONE OF THAT

I'm not really sure where I was going with this post hmm

Anyway tomorrow I'm hoping to post my new fave outfit and any other ideas would be highly appreciated

Remember if you ever need an agony aunt hit me up 


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