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Hey chickens

So today is my prom and I have this lush jumpsuit which I will post tomorrow literally it's to die for so I'm mega excited for that (hopefully no tears) can't ruin yh eyeliner. Also this prom is going to be quite special as at my year 11 prom I was hugely self concious and hated everything about myself but forced myself to go as I would regret it, I now regret not being in any photos and I've improved in my self esteem so much in the last two years it's going to be a bit emosh for me to walk into the same place where we had prom and remember how terrified and repulsed I was at my own body. 

At this prom I will have fun and I will be body confident.

Anyway I'm not here to ramble on about that, if you read yesterday's post on my love for AA shorts well guess what today is, another crush on AA this time I thought I would go for the jungle look. I purchased this cute AA crop top off depop, again make sure you check it out, why pay a bomb for a crop top when you can get it barely used for a tenner??? AY

So as you know I'm not usually a colourful person but I loved the pattern on this top it's lush and very summery and I knew it would go well with these stone washed shorts, so I'm very happppy with this purchase 

Also I don't care if it's summer, everyday is a red lipstick day

So yeah I'm gonna jet off to prom now, here's a few pics..enjoy them

Hope you've all had a fab weekend and yeah comment if you want any details or whatever (I'm friendly) just have a resting bitch face 



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