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Summer lovin

Exams are finally over, which is scary because two years of sixth form have flown by and now I'm onto the next chapter, don't know what's more scarier, I definitely want to get into YouTube now and I know that's such a mainstream goal, every wants to be like zoella but I'm not doing it because of that I actually want to do this 

Anyway it's now summer and that means I'll be jetting off to malia in two weeks which is pretty exiting, so this is vital packing time, I've chose a new fave nail varnish colour as I love pastel colours usually but I've gone for this specific warm summery colour as I'm really keen on pinks and oranges at the moment which differs greatly from the usual all black everything look

So I wanted a gel shellac look but I can't afford to go and get my nails done so turned to no7 for summery nails and I'm in love with this colour it's a warm vibrant one called orange spice it was £6 so a deffo bargain, I've had it on a day and usually I chip my nails but this is lasting quite well for no7 as I'm never really a fan of the range usually 

So if you want pretty summery nails, cheaper than salon value then no7 is your place to be 

I also have the yellow one so I'll re paint them soon and show you the difference but I'm definitely loving the orange spice, let me know of any brands that are working for you 

So nails aside I've been looking at clothes and ofc I'm loving everything in american apparel as usual so I'll do a shopping haul next week of everything, I'm on a very tight budget so it's very depressing but I'm also a fan of depop, if you're not sure what that is, it's where you can sell clothes and it's mainly teenage girls, easy way to sell and make dolla fast 

Hope you've had a fab week 


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