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  Hey lovelies

So thought an outfit post was in need as I've got loads of cute stuff for summer I say loads I mean about 2 items. Anyway in previous posts I have mentioned my obsession for american apparel shorts, basically anything american apparel.

Now I get it, honestly I do, how can anyone afford american apparel? Well I wish I could I have to spend my entire wages on one item, but here's how I justify spending that amount of money. Firstly I'm not a labelled obsessed girl, never cared about designer brands or logos all that jazz, but I love things that fit me, good material and last ages. I'm a denim junkie, so when I first tried out american apparel my blue shorts were the most perfect things I have ever laid eyes on, not only that I've never had shorts that fit me that well. American apparel shorts are such good quality and definitely compliment whatever figure you have. I'm not keen on topshop shorts they have never worked any miracles for me. 

Finally my other justifying point is the fact I've had my other american apparel shorts for two years now, no other shorts have lasted that long...EVER. So think about it this summer when you're splashing out on topshop shorts because they are ten times cheaper, how long do they actually last? Because my AA ones are being berried with me at this rate.

God AA should love me I'm giving them so much street cred here 

So now I might of been able to persuade you to purchase a pair of beauties from AA, let me just add they are not everyone's cup of tea and they are just shorts but I get a bit in love with things like this.

Anyway I'm gonna sell another place to you now which is ten times cheaper than AA and you can still get actual AA stuff and that my friends is Depop, so depop is basically a selling thing, you get rid of all your unwanted gems (clothes). Now I'm obsessed with my blue AA shorts did you know? So I wanted the same colour in black and I can't afford £60, so on depop this gal was selling them brand new for £30, absolute bargain. So be sure to check out depop, I never used to be a fan of second hand clothing but honesty most of this stuff hasn't even been worn

So yeah here's a few snaps of my new fave shorts, I love the colour they are a stone washed black, black goes with everything and is my life so these are now my life 

If you're looking for cheap, I say cheap and then you will be like saaay whaaat, but TOPSHOP yes TOPSHOP which I can't even afford a piece of fluff from there, I have purchased a few cute summery crop tops which look fab with high waisted shorts, for £6. They have loads of pastel colours and neutrals for summer, so get showing off your summer bod. The one I'm wearing is my new fave it was £12 and I'm in love

And of course I'm me, and I can't go anywhere without my bowler hat, but we are all unique aren't we so

Again not everybody's cuppa tea

So yeah, I've been on a bit of an american apparel haul recently and I'll show that in another post, but this one was to just show the beauty of AA high waisted shorts 

If you have a pair share the love with me by commenting 



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