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So I thought today's post would be a bit of agony aunt style stuff, me being a typical girl knows more than anyone what it's like to feel on edge in every situation I face in life, I'm constantly trying to make people like me without appearing fake to avoid comments like she's so moody she's so shy #storyofmylife

Comments like those have always affected me, it's not my fault I have a resting bitch face all the time!!! I wish I could be one of those girls who constantly looks happy without even thinking about it but no I'll admit I have a resting bitch face but so what! Don't judge a book by it's cover get to know me first 

(Insert sassy quote from me)

So my advice to you if you have a resting bitch face or you're constantly commented on by opinionated little girls then be the bigger person and comment back, don't let them think they have got to you because they haven't you know they are just as insecure as you, and why the hell are they focusing on you that much to notice every little detail

ASK THEM THAT and see that little smirk slide off their face

There's nothing worse than bitchy girls who think they are all it just because they have daddy's credit card constantly and can drive the latest fancy cars and drink frappuchino'a all day long 

Like no go away.... Far Away

It drives me insane to watch girls constantly comment on other girls personality and appearance, what makes you think you're gods gift 

Not cool, so if you're in this situation, if you have girls Tryna give you all that lip, be a sassy diva and feed their bull back into their mouths 



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