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Little black dress

HAPPY MONDAY, hope we are all remaining stress free and calm, this week for me is going to be an absolute killer with exams but it's ok all I'm thinking about is the huge amounts of comfort food I'll be consuming
Apart from that I've had my first exam today and FINGERS CROSSED it all went to plan

Anyway me rambling isn't the point of this post, my actual point is an outift post, this week I've decided to show you the lil black playsuit from topshop. Now I personally adore this simple design, it's very figure hugging and just pretty, but most importantly you can wear it casual in the day or really dressy at night. It's perfect for summer as it's flimsy material so as it's black you're not going to get too hot! I believe it's still available in topshop, I got mine last summer and have adored it ever since.

I'm wearing the size 8 version, but the good thing is it's designed to fit you dead on because it's elastic/stretchy material

Also a quick tip, in the photos you will see below my hair looks thicker than usual, now if anyone has any tips on how to get thicker longer hair then HOLA at me right this moment, as I struggle with really fine hair I decided the other night to plait it all which took hours because there's loads of it and I didn't realise how long it was, anyway I woke up looking like a lion so I won't tightly plait again but it made my hair more volumised ,I then curled the ends and wolla we are good to go 

So as usual here's a few snaps of moi

Any questions please please feel free to ask I will reply 

Peace out x

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