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Scared of the future?

It's all becoming a bit more real now, the fact I've paid off my uni accomodation, how have I completed school I don't even know like where have all these years gone? If I reflect back on everything sixth form has made me the person I've always wanted to be and now I'm more ambitious to achieve my dreams of being a journalist and I will do that just you wait 

But it's normal to be scared of the future right? How much things change in a matter of days, months...pretty mad but I'm looking forward to it. I'm not moving that far Away but god knows how I'm gonna look after myself I can't even cook so uni is gonna be more of a life learning lesson for me, I'm excited to be independent and meet new people 

But where do I see myself when these three years have ended? Hopefully being one step closer to achieving my dreams of being a journalist, maybe I'll be the next stacey dooley or maybe I will pursue a career in YouTube but how many people can actually master YouTube and be succesful?? But if you think like that you'll never get anywhere, everyone has to start somewhere, the same reason I'll never give up with this blog, if you enjoy doing something then why give up? 

So fears for the future? None really more excitement

Let me know what uni's you're planning to go to 


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