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The survival guide to sixth form?

Sixth form is a pretty big step if you are transferring from GCSE's to alevels, so after completing two years of hell and sunshine I thought I would give you a little guide that would of maybe helped me, or advice I would give to my 16 year old self

1) A levels are ten times harder than GCSE's and you have to work as soon as you get going with them, DON'T LEAVE REVISION TIL THE LAST MINUTE 

2) I didn't get any support with my English A level I have been completely messed around and because I was too nervous to ask for help as ( I feel like a failure by asking for help) I have let the school fail me which means potentially I may not go to uni this year as sometimes teachers don't do their job properly. So make sure you get as much support as possible and get the grade you want 

3) Target grades, ignore them, I don't know where they get them from but it's always the kids who don't care abor their future that are given top targets which raises their profile for uni's and you know what it's just not fair, now I'm not saying there is anything wrong with a C because honestly there's not I just know I'm better than that and don't need to listen to a teachers prediction of me. IGNORE THEM ok

4) Sadly girls and boys don't mature in sixth form, there is still bitchiness and nastiness that never leaves because people don't grow up, but remember you are ten times better than them and will their comments affect you when you're more succesful than them? No

5) At sixth form I made the closest friends I've ever had, I always suffered with keeping close friendships through school and suffered badly with confidence and because I have a resting bitch face I just gave the impression ( DON'T TALK TO ME) however in sixth form be someone you want to be, leave the old you at school and be a new person at sixth form, I made the bestest friends I could ever ask for and it raised my confidence and positivity ten times more 

6) So that leads me to no.6 surround yourself with positive people, people who want to do well and strive for good careers, but at the same time 18 is a perfect age for partying and clubbing and make sure you do plenty of that because you meet amazing people outside of sixth form too

7) Try not to involve yourself in relationships at sixth form, because let's be realistic not everything works out and the stress of relationships can affect your grades, just make loads of cool friends I've literally made so many I never want to lose contact with, just make sure you remain stress free and don't let silly little boys determine how you feel 

8) Dont let your appearence affect you at sixth form, no one else notices what flaws you may see, it's only the way you feel, advice I wish I had taken from my mum when I used to lock myself in the toilets everyday crying because I couldn't face people because I felt so ugly, no one cares about your appearence, it's only the way you feel

9) In your last year of sixth form don't chill all year and revise last minute, please prepare from like January or you end up having a mental breakdown everyday for a month over how you think you're going to fail and then you sit your exams and they are actually not that bad, SO PLEASE PREPARE AND BE ORGANISED

10) Don't really have another one but just have a really cool time at sixth form it's fab for making new friends and just stay happy

Hope my survival guide gives you some hope for sixth form if you're going but if you're not maybe you can relate 

Until next time 


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