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AA denim

Hey angels

So my AA order came (denim skirt) and weirdly at first it wasn't love at first sight, I was actually not impressed by AA for the first time in forever. But that soon changed, it's because I'm a high waisted girl and at first I couldn't get the skirt to fit me nicely but now panic over no need to ship it back it fits perfectly 

I'm wearing the small size, I wouldn't recommend extra small unless you are going to stay the same weight forever atleast with small you have a bit of breathing space

This is the dark blue denim, it has gold buttons all down the front and it's just really light and pretty, it's high waisted and was about £50, which I know is a lot for a skirt and I'm not even going to dispute the fact you can get them for £20 cheaper in topshop

But overall I'm really happy with this purchase, I love the style and the length so it's perf for summer 

Let me know if you have any questions 


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