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Airport nerves

                          Hey huns,

So just got back from malia and I'm really feeling the holiday blues, I'll do a separate post about malia which was a really good girls holiday, I would recommend 

However when I was about to fly to malia I thought what better post than to write one about my fears of airports. Ok I sound insane, who gets scared over airports? Me 

I panic over literally everything a few of the faves are getting locked in places, not being able to get the trolleys out of the lil secluded area, losing mum in a supermarket and having to awkwardly greet the checkout person, ORDERING in cafes and losing my voice so I sound like a croaking frog, I panic over little stupid things which seem to be very  humorous to everyone else. Let me know if you can relate to any of those 

Anyway my fear of airports began last year, firstly the part when you weigh the cases and mines always a million KG over, so then you have the panic in front of loads of tired travellers who are fretting agitated because you're filling your luggage with the entire contents of your suitcase for it to still be over. The next fear is having to scan the barcode of your boarding pass and the gates not opening so then your family have ran off probably got on the plane and you're stranded in the middle of the airport too scared to ask for help (ME). So here's where my knees literally melt and I start sweating  and then I'm greeted with a really lovely panic attack! And this always happens at airport security. Now you're probably thinking why the hell do you get nervous about that are you hiding something? Of course I'm bloody not but I always
 feel I'll get locked up for not doing anything. So everyone's loading their bags into the security scanner and there's me panicking trying to sort all my liquids out praying they are under a 100ml, losing track of all my electricalls, all my friends are strolling through not a care in the world. 

Then the worst part, the test of fate, will the body scanner detect something on me, so looking guilty as ever I try not to look into the eyes of the operator and walk sheepishly head down through the scanner, crossing every part of my body. FOR ONCE IT DIDN'T GO OFF and I made the mistake of saying I DID IT, which makes it look like I'm hella guilty, however last year it did go off and I felt like the armed forces were going to gun me down as two people felt over my clothes and showed me on this screen I had something WHICH WAS THE METAL ON MY DUNGS, they made me panic for nothing. Not cool

So who would of thought you could write an entire blog post on fear of airports? Only me, let me know if you can relate in any shape or form 


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