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Hey huns,

Today's post is on my beauty essentials this season and I have a few faves. I never really do a post about makeup so I thought I'll stop neglecting it and show you some of my faves

To start, I've always been a blusher over bronzer girl, even tho now I wear both I've just always liked blushers. I've tried both powder and creamy blushers and various different brands and now I've found one I really like. I definitely prefer the creamy ones as they give a flawless shine to your face and just look a lot more natural than a powdered one. So I've recently purchased this one from revlon, it's like a peachy shade and it's so easy to apply so I'm happy with that purchase 

Let me know what your fave blushers are 

  Secondly, eyeshadows, play a very important part in my life everyday. I've always liked goldy eyeshadows and usually apply 2 or 3 to create a bolder effect. I've never really been a fan of pallets and that's because, I don't know if you've ever had this, but at Christmas and birthdays I would always get that one family member who would buy me a pallet of the most vibrant neon shades ever. But times have changed, I used to go for bourjois eyeshadows and I still use them as a base coat. But in duty free I found this cute pallet in superdrug for £4! With all my fave golds, so I was really pleased with this and it's definetly made me want to buy more pallets in the future hopefully a Mac one


Finally, summer isn't summer without a bit of bronze. Now again I've tried most bronzers of various brands and I always come back to bourjois for literally everything. I think because this brand complements my skin tone well so I'm a fan. GO BOURJOIS! This is my fave bronzer it's like a chocolate bar and smells amazing, but it's not that, when you apply it, it doesn't leave a horrible brown streak down your face, it blends in well and gives you that bronze summery gleam. I can't remember how much this was but you can get it in most cosmetic store so boots and superdrug

So they are my beauty faves for this season, let me know what yours are and if you like me doing posts on makeup then please comment

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