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Hey lovielies,

So all day I've been thinking more into this whole YouTube channel, only thing is no idea how I would start like first video ideas so please feel free to help me out on that. The other thing is I know this defeats the entire object of having a channel, it's the same as this blog I always feel embarrassed if people I know come accross it as in the past I've been humiliated for it which is not cool because it's only a blog so the thought of having a YouTube does in a way make me more nervous because as you know I'm always fearful of what people think about me

Anyway this post isn't about my fears of starting a channel. In a recent post you would of seen these two items of clothing but not together. This is definitely one of my fave summer outfits because it's light and causal. I would highly recommend you purchase a denim skirt this season because they are fab and never really go out of style. This one is AA but you can get some cheaper/same style ones in topshop. SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED

Stripes are another thing that never go out of fashion and go with basically anything denim so it's all winning here

What's your fave summer casual outfit? Lemme know

  Hair is like a mermaids today it's impossible to tame and also pretty damn long so going to have the chop before I start university 

Hope you've all had a fab day

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Peace out 


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