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OOTD- Casual

Hey huns,

So recently I've been on a bit of a clothing haul as I don't have anything to wear for uni (that's if I even get the grades) but I'm remaining positive and just getting stuff anyway. 

So today is another OOTD 

I'm wearing a cute vestop I got in the newlook sale for £3, which I was pretty happy about. I always struggle with getting tops, I like simple plain tops but not too boring they have to be a bit attractive, so my wardrobe just consists of mid drift tops which isn't great for winter. This vest top grabbed my eye because it's white but a halter neck style with a blue rim which is nice and different from all the black and grey in my wardrobe. I also like the style of this top, you can't tell on this photo but the sleeve cutout part is quite long, I like tops like that where it gapes a bit 

I've previously mentioned these jeans in a previous post. These are from topshop, I love ripped jeans but now I'm inclined to actually buy some with no rips in. I'm a major fan of topshop jeans due to the fitting, but I always find they do fade. I got these for £40. Is it worth it? Um yes? What doesn't go with black ay? 

Finally got some new shoes, another thing I struggle with. I can always find denim things like a denim dress, skirt, jeans but can never find tops or shoes I like. I always try to wear dressy shoes and they always end up breaking ( don't get shoes from newlook) even tho half of mine are from there, they never last ever. So a couple of my friends have been wearing these slip on toms like shoes, which I think are quite casual and go with everything. So I went to topshop and tried some on and they are the comfiest shoes ever. I'm not a trainer girl so shoes like this are fab for me. I got these for £20, but you can get them cheaper in other shops like newlook

So that's my OOTD, if you have any questions about any of the items mentioned please comment and I'll get back to you

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