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We've all been there right, met hella clingy people who seem to get feelings from you saying hi. For me there is nothing worse in this world than clingy people. ( obviously different if you're in a relationship) that's cool that's cool as can be

So what is clinginess? Typed that into the good old search engine Google which gave me a cute reply 

  1. Clinginess is a form of dependency, which is not, in itself, a bad thing. But when it deepens into desperation, watch out!

My question is..

are you a person who gets attatched easily and loves the idea of someone messaging you 24/7 or are you the complete opposite like me who only likes that if you're 2million% into them, which is never the case.. 

I have always been someone who loves being independent #independentpaleasswhitegirl, by that I mean I've always just preferred being on my own and doing my own thing, I'm not that fussed about relationships or dates, I mean if it happens it happens but I'm in no rush to search high and low for my soul mate just yet. 

The thing that annoys me more than life or the idea of waking up at 7am for school on a Monday morning ( which I no longer, actually EVER have to do in my life again) so this is the scale of how bad I think of this, nothing annoys me more than certain boys who try way too hard to talk to you, now I'm not talking general chit chat because obviously that's cool. I mean the boys who starts conversations with, picture??? Or a dirty joke or ask them to rate them or why did you follow me is it because you think I'm fit?

I can't stand boys who think it's ok to try and be overly flirty by 10million%, now if some of you galdems are into those kinda boys then please teach me how to tolerate them but if I recieve messages like that it's a Simon Crowell no from me today boys x x
So let me know are you someone destined for clinginess and someone who blows up your phone all day long, or are you someone who just can't be bothered with it all, or in between?


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