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Cut out dresses

Hey huns,

Currently I'm in sunny Dorset (sarcasm) well actually the weather isn't that shabby but it's not Greece so I'm deeply saddened by that still

So that explains the change of background today. 

Firstly this cottage is so dark, so I completely underestimated how long it would take to find good lighting (forever) so only one photo today folks..

Anyway I got this cute cut out dress from h&m a year ago now, you might remember it from a very old post. Again this year h&m have some real cute cheap dresses I got one for a fiver the other day. They are perfect for summer because they are fine material and flimsy/breathable, so perf for abroad 

This one has lil boats on it I think I can't really tell what the pattern is but it's a cute one. I'm not really a dressy girl anymore I'm more of a high waisted shorts gal so it's a rare occasion for me to wear a dress, I always feel like I'm making some kind of bold statement ( God knows why) 

The length is also really good it's not too long and it's not too short. I always find with most dresses they are either too long and make you look like a binbag or they barely cover your bum cheeks

My fave part of this dress is the cut out waist I think it makes it really classy and elegant with that lil cute detail 

On ma feet, I'm really into black sandals that fasten round the tops of your ankles at the minute. I got these from newlook for about £14, the heels aren't too high so I'm happy about that

Also I'll do a post about my nails as I got a cute vibrant yellow from no7 which is making me feel hella summery

So yeah any questions please feel free to comment below I'll do further posts on my summer wardrobe not that it's that interesting 



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