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Liebster award- GET TO KNOW ME

                      Hey Angels,

So last year I got nominated to do this 'lie bster award' and had no clue how it worked, but now I've had my blog over a year, I've been kindly nominated by the ever so lovely ' The amateur anthropologist'  blog, I'll leave a link so make sure you check it out 

The whole purpose of this award is getting to know bloggers a bit better, why they started in the first place, how they stay motivated etc etc. But most importantly it allows you to discover new blogs and meet a range of fab bloggers so I recommend you keep this cycle continuing as it helps blogs to grow and for people to become more aware of them 

Ok so if you're still unsure and new to this, you get sent ten questions and I'll answer them now and then I will choose five of my fave bloggers and write up questions I want them to answer, it's all simple ( don't fret)

1) If you could be anything, what would you be?

I think it's evident throughout my entire blog what I strive to be and that's a journalist more than anything. I've had the same ambition since I was 10 and I will do it, but most importantly I want to travel and make documentaries about different peoples lives. Stuff like that excites and intrigues me 

2) Chocolate or Vanilla? Why?

Kill me if you disagree but I find vanilla so plain and boring, I'll always be a chocolate loving girl (I'm obsessed) (Nutella)...

3) Dogs or Cats? Why?

I can never decide on this, I love both and I've had both but I could never pick a fave! That's like a parent having to pick their fave child (me), well not that extreme. I love cats because they can be so cute and they are just there all the time..not really selling that am I..but then I love really big cuddly teddy bear dogs, I'll insert a pic of what I mean. My nan has this giant dog that's like a teddy and he literally completes my life

4) Blogger or blog you look up to?

I think the most interesting blog I have come across is one by a girl called Georgia, her blog is called Black Latte and it's one of those blogs where you could just keep reading it forever and not get bored. She is definitely a blogger I look up to as I've watched her grow in this past year and now she has a pretty good YouTube channel, so she's pretty inspiring check her out

5) Most difficult part about maintaining a blog?

Hmmm..the most difficult part is getting frustrated with yourself wondering if what you're doing is actually ever going to get you anywhere. But for me I personally just love blogging so even if a small amount of people are interested in my blog that makes me happy. The most difficult part tho is having to rack your brain, what would be a really good post? What are people interested in that other bloggers haven't covered? So stuff like that 
6) Ultimate goal in life?

I think like everyone's goal, to be successful and happy and doing something I love. My goal is to be a journalist and travel and hopefully ( fingers crossed) (add a lot of work) I will do it and if not God knows what I'll end up doing 
7) Favorite band/singer?

Whenever I get asked this I get a complete mind blank because weirdly I don't actually have favourites... I like house music mainly it gets me in the mood for the dreaded work days, but then it also depends what mood I'm in, if I'm trying to sleep in the car or I'm just feeling down I will listen to slower songs like James Bay. But yeah I don't necessarily have any faves I'm into Nirvana but I'm just a spotify shuffle kinda girl.. Don't know about you?

8) Name of celebrity you'd like to meet (if you got the chance to)?

If I got a chance to meet a celebrity, what's crossing my mind right now is the Kardashians. I want to see their lifestyle without the cameras and if they are the same without the cameras so I would either like to meet Kylie Jenner as she is of similar age to me or Caitlyn Jenner, because I find transgender stories so intriguing, there's always a lot of bad press about transgender but it's becoming increasingly more accepting and I want to understand people's stories like that, how does she cope with the media and coming out to her family after so long. I'm babbling but you get the gist 

9) Where do you usually get your 
inspiration from for new blog posts?

Usually I'll just think really spontaneously, I never really plan which I think I'll start doing. I kinda wake up and think is today a fashion haul kinda day or should I be more lifestyle today or maybe give advice. My fave posts are usually on advice because I love helping people out, there's nothing worse than feeling alone so knowing I could help someone makes me really happy

10) Fun fact about yourself.
I'm probably the weirdest person you would ever meet 

Ok so after that whirlwind I hope you feel like my best friend now

The bloggers I'm going to nominate are~

So these are a few of my fave bloggers, my questions to them ~

1) Where did your inspiration for blogging come from?

2) Where do you see yourself in five years time?

3) What's your favourite posts to write on your blog?

4) Fave beauty product of the season? 

5) A place you would really love to visit and why?

6) Your role model?

7) What are your interests other than blogging?

8) Ideal dream job?

9) A blogger who gives you inspiration? 

10) How did you decide on the name for you blog? 

So let's keep this liebster award going, I personally love answering questions so if you have any more please feel free to comment or dm me on Twitter 


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