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Advice for results day

                      Hey Angels,

The dreaded day every year we receive that ugly brown envelope and either ball our eyes out or celebrate by endless partying. For me I'll ball my eyes out either way. So this is my final a level results so you can imagine the pressure and fear because being the smart arse I am I have no backup if I don't get into uni and travelling the world comes at an expense which I won't have by September. 
So for this post I kinda want to give some advice. If you're collecting your GCSE's, AS results or A LEVEL results then the thing you must must MUST do is stay calm.
The thing is I've never been the kid who can get straight a's in every subject but who cares, makes you more ambitious right. Getting three c's would satisfy me as long as I knew I had worked my arse off. So here's a few tips for GCSE galdems and boys

1) it's not the end of the world if you don't get your maths or English grade, I could never pass maths it used to make me so angry and depressed as I worked my arse off for it but just could never do it. I thought my future was over when I was 16 as apparently sixth form puts major pressure on you to have these qualifications. YES they do but they don't not let you in! You just have to re do it until you get it. So don't freak out, you will pass eventually. For some people like me it takes loads and loads of practice until I can do something so don't get yourself down. I always felt like a complete failure until I changed my attitude and I passed. YOU CAN DO IT

2) you'll realise half the things you learnt at GCSE you won't actually need in your life, like the stems in a leaf :)) all fabulous knowledge for life that 

3) If you go on to do a btec course don't be made to feel like you've chose the easy option, because you haven't. They are equivalent to Alevels. So don't be made to feel stupid by peers who say it's for dropouts. It's not I would much prefers to have done a btec in something I'm interested in 

Advice to AS students

1) If you have friends like me that always do better than you, don't make yourself feel like a failure, everyone has their own talents and some people are just annoyingly bright 

2) if you thought AS was hard bloody wait for A2 (absolute killer) revise from day one I'm not even kidding if you want the best possible results 

3) if your AS results didn't go as planned, you're lucky because you can re take! So don't get too upset about that

Advice to A2

Freak out

Don't do that, I obviously don't have much advice for this as I'm going through the pain myself of not knowing if I'm going to uni or not. But whatever happens I know I tried my best and there are other options and that's what we all need to take into consideration

It's not the end if you don't pass

School just makes it feel like the end, the education system put so much pressure on us, we are all fab so screw them over and show them you're better

If you need any advice on exams or GCSE's or Alevels feel free to comment or DM me on Twitter (happy to help) x x x

Twitter- @_ellsbellss_

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