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Reviewing Malia

                      Hey lovelies

So recently I went on my first girls holiday which my parents obviously weren't very keen on and especially when I said 'Malia' to them. There's loads of bad press about Malia at the moment which I don't really understand because half of the things are not even true and the strip wasn't even that rowdy as the press likes to exaggerate, no one was having sex in the streets, no fights, the only thing I did encounter was boys being left stone cold paraletic by their mates on the strip. I didn't see any girls rolling around or anything weird or outrageous but then again could be dependent who's out at the time.

So this post is basically summing up everything I enjoy, I'm feeling the holiday blues majorly 

Firstly the strip- lives up around 12.30/1ish GO TO BARS FIRST 


So most people pre drink before going out anyway don't they? The staff stand at the entrance of their bars trying to pull you in, don't worry they don't grab you. They all have the same offers even tho they will say their offers are better than the bar opposite. However everything is 5 euros and for that you get a pint of whatever and a shot, sorry boys but if you're a girl, and the bar staff are men you are more likely to get two free shots. The bars I would recommend are STREET, THE LOFTand ENERGY BAR. The bars are open til 4ish and they all have DJ's, it's all good vibes good vibes 


Now depending on how long you go for, (we went for a week). Staff will try and persuade you to buy this wristband for the clubs which is 75 euros. It sounded like a good idea at first and we nearly went ahead with it, but then when you calculate the price to get into the clubs (5 euros) can you really justify spending 75 for a week?  Yes you get into clubs free but I really don't think it's worth the money and more of a rip off because you might not go clubbing every night or even be able to get in the club you want. Depends how much you like clubbing and we definitely like clubbing. On event nights it costs 25-30 euros to get into the clubs, I wouldn't even recommend attempting to get in to these events as they cram everyone in and you can't even breathe, we pre booked tickets to Phillip George and didn't even bother going as the queue was really long and the people coming out said they had literally just walked in and turned around. I recommend APOLLO which we went to every night it's lively and a really good atmosphere and you can actually breathe! The other club was CANDY, I wasn't actually that keen on this one as a lot of people were crammed in and it was a mosh pit on the dance floor. Quick tip, be very careful because Greeks use glasses instead of plastic cups in clubs and these get smashed everywhere and people cut their feet open so wear suitable shoes!

The major plus part is you will meet your best friends in the toilet, if you're a girl , everyone makes new friends in the loo right? You get to see everyone's new tattoos all the gossip, lav it 


Now I'm never adventurous with food, I ate the same thing all week, burger and chips but it was so good...literally. Anyway the heat is unbearable and makes you go past eating, also you wake up half way through the day if you've been out all night. We were waking up at 1pm most days so living off a meal a day, which I don't recommend if you're planning a big night out, LINE YOUR STOMACHS. The best place to eat in Malia, hands down is WKD bar. You'll find eating out is about 11-14 euros. 

You'll be pleased to know there's a McDonald's on the strip aswell but it isn't actually that good, pretty expensive aswell for what you get and there was no mcflurrys, sick joke right? 


There's a beach right at the end of the strip called STAR beach and it's the prettiest beach ever, but it gets so busy and HOT. There's loads of chairs on the beach but you have to pay 3 euros so get there early or they all go. There's also loads of water sports to do but they are pricey, we went on an inflatable cushion pulled by a speedboat for 20 euros each, it was a bit rough but really fun, I didn't enjoy the part where we had to swim back tho in a really choppy current

Who doesn't take pictures of the sea, I'm always memorised by it 


Would definitely recommend this, it was 25 euros and basically it's what it says on the tin. So it's on the beach, there's a massive stage with loads of paint guns and yep you can guess what happens. Now we stupidly got good places right in the middle, however I didn't think a mosh pit would break out fuled by very drunk boys pushing and shoving ( thought it was the end of my life) lost my friends and had to hang onto life for my shoes. Don't wear sandals or shoes that easily fall off!! Anyway we managed to move to the side and it was so much better, the music was really good and it was just really fun to be quite honest.

So you'll end up looking like this, it gets very messy so don't bother doing your hair and makeup like we stupidly did 

We had a fab holiday and I would definitely recommend going to Malia it isn't as bad as it's made out! I would love to do a season abroad now so I'm going to start looking into that 

Let me know if you have any questions 


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