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It's everyone's dream to travel right? Well most people's. However the only thing that stops me and literally the only thing is MONEY,  how on earth as a student do people save enough to travel, it feels impossible. BUT I've been reading numerous blog posts about this recently and how people put off travelling due to money and we shouldn't do that, money shouldn't be an object stopping us from achieving what we want, if we want to travel then you've gotta see past the money part.

If I was to travel I would definitely purchase a go pro, video camera and Polaroid and a cute rucksack obviously, I would be in my element with all the electrical equipment #misssocialmedia

As you know I want to be a journalist so I plan to do a lot of travelling anyway, engaging with different cultures and people, documenting, photographing it's all so exciting. However I know it's going to be a really long journey before I get there. Let's get through uni first Ella...

If I had the choice I wouldn't go to uni, instead I would end up travelling for most of my twenties, making short documentaries of people's lives around the world. I mean how cool is Stacey Dooleys and Louis Therouxs job??! But it takes a lot of hard work to get where they are, Stacey is extremely lucky to do what she is doing without a degree but it's not the same story for everyone, that doesn't mean she didn't work just as hard to get where she is

To start off with I'm really keen on the idea of a season abroad, to get a little taste of travelling and being highly independent. So I've been doing a lot of research on that as I could work there all summer, personally I would love to work in Greece as I loved the holiday I've been on last so much never wanted to leave 

But more importantly I want to travel to places like Japan, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, America, the list goes on and on. But how do people save is my question! If you have any tips let me know or if you're currently travelling or planning on travelling or have done a season abroad, please message me


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