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Being an agony aunt?

                      Hey lovelies,

 I'm not sure what to title this post or how I should write it, so I think it's going to turn out quite blah blah if you get me

But today I wanted to talk about the idea of feeling alone and kinda give some advice if you're ever in that position. Feeling alone and worthless is probably the two worst feelings in the world and when it happens you feel like everyone is against you and just kinda give up on I right?

When I was younger I'm one of these people who bottles everything up, won't tell a fly and I don't know why I do it, but if someone upsets me or something I won't tell anyone about it I just keep it in until I physically can't take it anymore. You know when someone asks if you're ok and you get that dull ache in the back of your throat? All I'm saying is don't bottle things up, talking to people helps so much, I wish I took that advice 

So here I go off on one again, I always go off track when I write because my brain has so much to say like its full of words right now. The thing that helped me more than anything when I was sad/angry every emotion under the sun was keeping a diary, writing everything down on paper, destroying pages and pages with words of hate. It released so much stress for me and I felt better.

 If you can't talk to someone about how you feel, write it down, I promise you it helps 

That's the great thing with blogging, it's like a diary of your emotions and lifestyle that you share with others, hoping they can connect with it or hoping you've helped someone out 

I'm that person who is there for absolutely everyone, I've always been a good listener. I mean I'll credit myself for that because I have helped a lot of people to make them feel ok about something. Doing that makes me feel happy, knowing that someone feels they can share their issues with me and trust me makes me really happy. 

Again I can't express the importance of talking to someone and not bottling it up 

So imma give you some tips..if you're still reading 

1) MESSAGE ME, honestly I don't care if you rant for a day, a month or a year. I will listen to you and I can promise you that. So either email me, comment on this or direct message me on Twitter. I don't judge, I listen and I will try my best to help you.

2) Don't ever think your issue is too 'silly' to open up about, you will be surprised with how most people have experienced it 

3) Don't distance yourself away from friends, if they don't understand what anxiety is like or how you feel about yourself don't act miserable, tell them how you feel and if they don't understand then they are not the greatest of friends 

4) WRITE IT DOWN, if any of you do this I want feedback straight away because it helps so much I can't even stress how much it helps 

5) Distraction, don't dwell on it all night, don't go to bed upset, distract yourself, if you're a girl (I'm being stereotypical) paint your nails or pluck your eyebrows (that's what I do) if you're a boy then do whatever makes you happy, I can't connect with you on that one

6) Don't stay indoors, being outside helps to calm and relax me so much, if I go on a long walk alone I can't even stress how much better I feel when I come back it's like I'm a new woman (sarcasm)

I hate when you're writing people can't sense your sarcasm so you have to write it

So there's my six tips for you. As I have already said I'm no expert with issues but I can definetly try and help. I don't care how old or young you are or what gender if you need to message me then please do 

Hope I can help


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