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Boy vs girl

                        Hey Huns,

I don't really know how to start these posts like with what to call them, kinda chatty/informative I guess?

So we all have our differences growing up right? No one looks in the mirror and thinks I'm a 10/10, everyone has thought they have been fat at least once in their life, we've done drastic things to our bodies to fit the media's portrayal of perfect. BUT why is everything I'm saying always related to girls? Did you read that and think yep daily battles of a girl?

Well it is BUT here's the huge BUT we forget that boys go through exactly the same thing growing up. Maybe we ignore their issues with weight and appearence? We think boys have it easy and I've always thought that until I've watched my brother grow up and realised the same things I hated about myself is the same things he does

Boys struggle with-

Weight- some boys want to be bulked up and muscly, if you are skinny and have a thigh gap that's considered unattractive to girls apparently? Sound familiar? With girls we desire to be like Victoria secret models but then apparently no men fancy girls who are too skinny. We can't help our body types and if people judge you for your body type then why associate yourself with someone so close minded?

Hair- boys are also concious of their hairstyles like girls. Hairs a major part of our appearence isn't it so if someone has really good hair makes them instantly more attractive 

Self concious- yep we always think it's just girls who get anxious in public and if we have breakouts we lucky enough have a fabulous gift from God called concealer, imagine being a boy, in this stereotypical society if a boy was to cover his flaws he would be deemed gay? Is it fair, definitely not 

So I'm basically trying to show you that girls don't always have it as easy, boys go through the exact same issues when hitting puberty and anxiety is a huge one

I hope this gives you an insight into our similarities with the opposite sex, we always think they are aliens which they are when it comes to emotions but with growing up we go through the same battles 


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