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Complications of being a girl?

                           Hey huns,

Today I thought I would give you my guide of things that stress me out about being a girl so below will be my list, if you can relate which I'm sure the majority of you all will be able to, leave a comment 

So here's my guide: 

1) WINGED EYELINER- so some days it goes yanno normally, not any MAC makeup artist style but it's good enough to pass, then you get those lovely cherry days, usually when you wake up in a rush or something important is happening and it's like god blesses you with not being able to do your makeup. So one eye goes fabulously and then the other wing is like joining to your eyebrow, so you try and match them and end up just re doing your face. Your face then gets really blotchy, you realise the first time you did it really wasn't that bad and your say crying with a tonne of makeup wipes surrounding you and wondering why you even bothered getting up today

(Story of my life and the worst thing is not even an exaggeration) 

2) WEARING YOUR ENTIRE WARDROBE, those days where you literally try on your entire wardrobe and go back to the first thing you put on. Again another story of my life, I'll put something on think it's not dressy enough even tho it will be plain because that's my wardrobe, so then I'll start putting on things I haven't worn in years, my room looks like a rubbish tip and I'm surrounded in heaps of clothes and then just go back to the first outfit 

Again not an exaggeration, I don't believe you if this has never happened 

3) PERIODS, sorry boys if you're reading this and you're on of those really immature ones who are like omg how rank that we can't stop a natural process!!! Anyway when this joyful week comes along in our life and our moods are out the window and you feel like there's a ticking timebomb in your stomach, then all your friends are going out and you think we'll screw Mother Nature I'm gonna go bare leg and spend the entire night begging your friends to check if there's not a fountain of blood down the sides of your legs 

( obviously things like this never happen but cmon does anyone else get that anxious?)

4) NAILS, painting nails, I'll never master the art of, everytime I paint them I'll either smudge them, they end up with loads of dents, get stuck to cotton wool, the whole lot and you just ask God WHY ME. Do you ever rush your nails and end up colouring them in like crayola's, like a four year old not being able to colour without going over the line 

So there's a few things that stress me out on a daily basis, let me know what yours are but my top one is definitely winged eyeliner 


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