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Coping with anxiety?

                            Hey huns,

Feel like I haven't posted forever..because I haven't and I don't really have many excuses to why I haven't, I guess preparing to move away from home and start fresh at uni is pretty daunting so that's occupying my brain a lot right now. Other than that I do have some kinda exciting updates..if I go ahead with it, as I've mentioned previously I want to start my own YouTube channel to support this blog so I've been thinking of videos and I thought as I'm going to uni why not a uni haul? I love watching videos like that, let me know your thoughts 

Now onto today's post..ANXIETY. The caps locks enforces how it feels. I don't know why I'm doing so many dots today, tryna cause suspense. Anxiety is so common with teenagers, everyone has different levels of anxiety but almost everyone experiences it

Anxiety over (for me) 
1) appearance 
2) people staring at me 
3) answering a phone call 
4) going to the doctors alone 
5)walking into a room full of people 
6) exam anxiety 
7) body anxiety 
8) anxiety over friendships 

Those are the main things I get anxious about, let me know yours? I am quite an anxious person when I'm in a new environment or have to ask for things, my voice starts to croak and I slowly lose it because I'm so anxious about what that person is thinking of me. Another thing I always struggled with when I was younger was eye contact, I hated the way I looked so making eye contact with people made me feel like they were staring at all my flaws 

So what are other people's anxieties?
 I took to google to answer this 

Having anxiety is totally a normal thing, everyone suffers with it differently and some worse than others but there are ways to ease it, as you can see from the Google search the most common things people search for is completely normal, it's normal to feel uneasy about something you just have to learn how to cope with it 

My advice?

My advice to you is to always try and stay as calm as possible and think about what you're worrying about, is it really worth losing sleep over? Ok exams I get that's non avoidable. But weigh it up is it really worth feeling that uneasy about. Earlier I had to have injections and I couldn't even speak for an hour I had that much anxiety  building. The best thing to do is to take yourself out of the situation, FRESH AIR, if you feel anxious about something I always find it worse people crowding round it brings attention to you so go off on your own and it works so much better. 

Another good way of coping is keeping a diary. I always found it hard to talk to other prior over my anxieties so writing it down helped so much, always surround yourself with positive people aswell if you hang around with people who are equally as anxious it can have more of an affect on your anxieties so always surround yourself with positive people :) 

In always here to help I've experienced it all growing up and now I try not to let things bother me as much but please please feel free to message me I'll do all my best to advise you 

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