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Coping with result anxiety (night before)

                        Hey huns,

I know I've already posted today but since sitting here for the last three hours starting gloomily into space about my results tomorrow and crying with the millions on Twitter about how we have all messed up our lives. I thought no hang on we all need to chill out. Because sometimes acting so stressed and negatively the night before can actually have a negative affect (I'm superstitious) like that

So since I'm an advice blogger aswell, it's my job ( even tho I'm not paid) it's my hobbie? I don't know what it is but because I've now been through GCSE's and AS I think I need to kind of de stress you all 

If you're like me I completely freak out over everything, even now I'm sitting here clamming up with a major panic attack approaching and no matter what I tell myself I know I can't change those grades tomorrow. It's stupid isn't it how those silly little letters affect us so much.  So you can imagine what I'm like I slowly/sheepishly walk up to the desk to collect that rank brown envelope I mean at least make it attractive a bit cheery for god sake! I already feel like dying and now you're passing me something the colour of a coffin which could result in my death ( this is how results make me feel I go off on a massive exaggeration about life), so then I'll start sweating, my throat wil ache and I'll slowly ON MY OWN, open that envelope and literally with my eyes closed pull the paper up one by one reading the grades and do you know what, whatever is on that piece of paper of course it's going to affect me, there will be tears either way but it's not going to ruin my future, it could put me behind a year but that makes me more motivated to become a journalist howeve far I get pushed back

Sometimes things don't work out, but don't let that stop you from doing what you wanna do EVER ok so tomorrow I want you to do this before you go 

(My advice) 

1) EAT, eat loads until you literally blow up, feeling sick with nerves is bad enough but having an empty whale sounding stomach to compliment that is even worse. SO EAT, go get a costa, Starbucks a massive fry up, Yano the whole supermarket kinda thing 

2) STOP TALKING TO YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT FAILING, you're doing it right now and I suggest you pack it's not going to help anything but make you anxious and not sleep, DISTRACT yourself, watch a film, EAT, have a bath just do something other than be negative ok?

3) GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP, I wish I had taken my mums advice for years now about sleeping, but  you don't sleep because you're so anxious there is nothing worse, don't stay up too late tonight, I know it's hard to sleep especially when you just don't know what could happen tomorrow or where you will be next year. But not sleeping is going to make it so much harder, so please try...for me

4) SWAGGER UP TO THE PERSON HOLDING YOUR RESULTS, don't go in shaking, head down, basically don't do what I described in my previous paragraph, go with a clear head and lots of positive thoughts, Google some quotes.. I don't know just stay MOTIVATED and walk up
To that table don't even make contact with the person they are always miserable, walk away and go somewhere on your own. I hate opening my results with people I like to be completely 

5) BREATHE, my most important step and you think I'm joking.Take Yourself   somewhere quiet and open your results in your own time, there's no rush, they are your results open then whenever but most favourably that day, especially if you plan on going to uni

6) SMILE, whatever the outcome, you tried your best. However cringey that sounds you've done everything you can and now you will be surrounded by support whatever the outcome. Please stay positive it is not the end of the world and please don't compare yourself to anyone

So they are my 6 tips, I hope I have kind of made you de stressed and just feeling a lot calmer about tomorrow. Trust me I know how difficult it is 

Please please feel free to message me:email me, the lot, if you need someone to speak to tonight or tomorrow!

Twitter- @_ellsbellss_

Best of luck chics n fellas YOU WILL BE FINE 

I'll love and leave you with my fave quote 

" the world is your oyster, you have the ability and freedom to do anything or go anywhere" 

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