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                            Hey huns,

So I think tomorrow is GCSE results day? If any of you are GCSE students I wish you all the best I remember the fear of not knowing if I would pass my maths GCSE and being the proudest person in the world when I did so please don't fret, GCSE's do not affect your life as much as a levels so please don't think it's the end of the world if you don't get a C in maths and English. I was told I wouldn't be able to get to sixth form if I didn't pass my maths and English, people I was friends with didn't get C's and they are going to uni today so don't panic ok. For any more advice or tips please feel free to email me or direct message me on Twitter I'll try and calm you down or check out my post I made the other day on advice for results 

So that's just a quick tip for GCSE students but today's post is mainly about uni fears. So I've been on the same journey as you GCSE's and now I've finished sixth form and now I'm
Starting uni it's all pretty scary and doesn't even feel real. I'm growing up way too fast but I'm one step closer each time to my dream of being a journalist WE WILL EVENTUALLY GET THERE

So here are my fears for uni 

1) I can't save for my life, I spend money as soon as I get it, I always want the latest clothes, I like new lipsticks and now I'm gonna be on a real tight budget which I'm sure you will hear me crying about 

2) The anxiety of throwing myself into deep water for this course, I may seem like a very confident person who wants this dream of being a journalist and presenting documentaries you name it, but confidence is something that always holds me back and I'm scared I'll give up on myself. I know this isn't going to be easy at all it's a new step but I know more than anyone I can do it. NEVER LET YOUR CONFIDENCE AND ANXIETY HOLD YOU BACK

3) Moving out, that's pretty scary hey? Like leaving everything behind that you're used to, your friends, family, PETS, room, sixth form everything. It won't feel real at first like I've moved away, I reckon it will feel more like an overstayed school trip. But again it's all exciting 

4) Freshers, the anxiety of not meeting new people or feeling completely out of your comfort zone with new people, will they think I'm weird? Will they have the same interests? It's all really nerve racking but at the same time so exciting, meeting new people is something I love doing, but you have to remember, not everyone will like you and that's ok it's normal for people to not like you and that's their loss

So they are my main fears, let me know yours if you're moving to uni or if you have just finished your first year 

Now the things I'm excited for:

1) MOVING OUT, I don't live near my friends so every time I wanna go out I have to rely on lifts, at uni I'll be with my friends and that means no stress of not being able to go out because of transport issues and I'll also get to go home to my own bed!

2) The IKEA shop, I can't wait to get new cushions, fairy lights, matching kitchen utensils. My room is gonna be snazzy and of course I'll show you 

3) Getting one step closer to my dream, I hope to do loads of cool stuff, go back to the BBC, try radio, mix with different aspects of journalism, I'm excited 

4) Meeting new people and taking loads of pictures and just having the best first year ever 

So let me know if you're off to uni, what you're excited for/fears etc

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