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                          Hey huns,

( vintage denim dress from depop, £10)

Today I'm going to credit DEPOP, I've breifly mentioned DEPOP in previous posts but actually never gone into it. So usually I'm sceptical about selling things online and buying second hand online because you don't know if it's a con and if you're actually going to get what you asked for

However last year I discovered heaven and this was DEPOP, it's mainly teenagers selling all their well loved items and the majority are still tagged and brand new which is fab. So it's a really trusted site, to work out how good a seller is if you click on reviews you'll see if they have good or bad feedback, I haven't seen any negative feedback yet 

So you can basically search for anything, my history is AA, topshop and vintage pretty much. Some things are costly but you can literally find anything. I've brought four things now and haven't been disatisifed with anything, so I highly recommend you have a look

Most of my recent AA stuff is off DEPOP, the amount I've brought would total for one item if I was to buy it in the shop so it is good value and quality, so av a look 

If you wanna check out my DEPOP 

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