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Haircut drama's

                         Hey Huns,

So I thought today's post would be on something I think most girls experience, definetly the girls with long hair. I have always loved having long hair even tho it's so hard to tame and mine is always so split because I don't look after it properly. Don't know if any of you go through the same issues with trying to maintain it but mine gets really long and then I get really fixated on the dead ends and start trimming and end up with a bob 
And spend the next few months sat in front of a mirror desperately trying to straighten every strand to see if it grows any longer 

I did say I get a tad fixated...

Sound familiar?

The dreaded haircut..

It gets to the point where you've tried every hairstyle, tried to Mimick celebrities hair, tried the Kylie Jenner look, messed up your hair completely and you end up in that lovely seat at the hairdressers where you just know it's RIP to the rest of your remaining hair
The thing I don't understand is why hairdressers think that taking off 1 inch means oh Hun I want 6 inches off. No, do they have any idea of the amount of time and dedication of scruffy hair it takes to get finally long locks for them to snip it off and for me to wait another three years

Ever had that issue? I'm not bothered what the magazines and top hair experts say if I want 1 inch of my hair and that isn't deemed healthy well that's their issue 

For me having long hair makes me feel, it's hard to describe but I feel a lot happier with my appearance when my hair is a certain length. It's hard to put into words but if you have long hair you would understand

I told you I'm weirdly obsessed with my hair over anything with my body 

So does anyone have any similar issues with long hair and feeling completely lost without it when 2 inches has been cut off? Has anyone ever walked out of the hairdressers happy because I never once have, every time the woman says look at it my throat starts to swell because I hate short hair

Just to clarify there is nothing wrong with having short hair, I personally just love having really long hair 

Let me know if you face the same issues and daily battles with hair 

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