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Hella Denim (OOTD)

Hey huns,
Feels like I haven't wrote a post for a good few months when its only been five days..I have no excuse for why I haven't been daily posting so slap on the wrist for me. I've been being mega lazy. Anyway today's post is back to the classic OOTD'S which I've been saying I would post all week, again been too lazy
So you all know how much I love denim, playsuits, skirts, jeans you name it. And you know my two fave brands, AA and TOPSHOP. I should get paid to be a promoter for them I give them so much credit
So a few weeks ago when I actually had my wages, I blew it all on denim as usual. I got this mega cute denim dress from topshop. Now I always have struggled with topshop dungarees and dresses, they have always gaped too much at the back or sides, so I could never justify spending that much money on something I didn't feel that comfortable in. However I spotted this cute dress and decided to try a 6 and 8 on. I usually buy most of my clothes in a 6, but with jeans and stuff I go with an 8, unless its high waisted, then I have the issue of a tiny waist and an out of proportion back side. I'm going off topic. So I found the 8 to be too baggy for my liking and didn't look very flattering, I like baggy clothing but I also like it to actually look like it does kind of fit and I'm not drowning. I also don't like dresses that are really long because again I don't think they are flattering on my body type. So I got a size 6 in this denim dress and I'm living in it currently. Its such a nice fit and lightweight. Can be casual or even dressy. But the best thing is, things like this never go out of fashion, I've seen these dresses and MOM jeans around for years so I've justified your spending for you. The other fab thing with these dresses is you can layer them with a jumper, crop top or tshirt underneath and then no tights it or tights it. UP TO YOU.
I apologise about the backgrounds of my images I need to find a better location to take pictures, so I'll sort that. So this outfit works well with my obsession with hats and off shoulder tops. And it was only £35, which is quite cheap for topshop
So let me know if you're into denim dresses or whatever this season, because I definitely am
Then as an extra, thought I would show my denim skirt from American Apparel again, because this is something I'm in love with aswell and again a black hat. For more details on that outfit you can find it in a previous post if you haven't already seen it
The off shoulder top I am wearing I hunted down for months, got this one from Missguided for £5 and again its something that goes with everything and just a simple everyday top

So they are my OOTD'S, hope you all have been having a fab summer and are not fretting about results day too much
Any questions feel free to message/email me or find me on twitter @_ellsbellss_ and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions
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Peace out

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