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Gaining confidence?

                          Hey huns, 

How do you define confidence? I always see confidence as someone being happy and outgoing, knows what they want in life and feels comfortable in their own skin 

Confidence for me is something that I've always struggled with, it's a learning curve and I try and step outside my comfort zone on a daily basis, but sometimes it can be challenging 

I'm one of those people who has kept themselves to themselves for years because of people's perceptions of me, I don't know when I decided to start being more myself and caring less but it was only a recent discovery, nearly two years ago when I started sixth form

I was sick of people having this deceived idea of me being someone who hated everyone and just miserable and quiet. I was much more than that and I've always have been, I'm actually a really bubbly person, I love meeting new people and doing things that are out of my comfort zone because that makes me actually proud of myself ( the only positive thing you will ever hear me say) 

If you're someone who struggles with confidence the best advice I can give you is don't shy away, if you want someone don't you even care for a second what people think, because caring what people think stops and prevents you from being and doing what you want and who you want to be 

It's not easy stepping out of your comfort zone and you'll hear more of this when j start uni in a few weeks but I can't even tell you how rewarding it is. I never even considered doing radio work but when j had the experience to interview a radio 1xtra dj I've never felt prouder of myself, even after I had done it this woman tried to knock my confidence down, did I let her stand in my way? No

And no, because I'm now doing a course at uni which covers broadcast journalism and I couldn't be more excited 

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