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Leaving home

Hey guys,

So you're probably thinking I've disappeared, nope I'm just a fresher and freshers week is basically over now. I can't even tell you the little amount of time I've actually had to do anything, I feel like I've been away centuries but I'm back now and onto this new chapter
So when you're a teenager you kinda dream of moving out, the excitement of getting your own place and being independent, however its not all that glamorous and I can tell you that from being here a a week. You have to take control of your entire life, well being, body its a lot to juggle. No one cooks you a dinner or tidies your room, you're completely alone. But its ok its not that bad! I can honestly tell you freshers will be the best time of your life, its so nice to get away from everything you've had to deal with in your hometown, mainly boys
For me, I didn't feel like this would be a huge change to my life, it didn't really hit me until my mum and dad left me in my room and then i realised I actually was alone, BUT you make friends so easily. I'm gonna give you a freshers guide here, its normal to get upset and be home sick and at the same time its normal to just be a party animal
So here is how to survive freshers
1- Remember to eat, ready meals are fab ( but you can't survive off them) cook as a flat, its easier, less time consuming and just a lot more simple and CHEAPER
2- BUDGET, its really difficult when you have to buy EVERYTHING, you can't spend the money on new clothes or makeup you have to actually spend money to survive. My budget for freshers has been a tenner a day
3) DON'T get peer pressured into buying freshers bands, THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT, its cheaper if you buy everything on the night, its only worth it for excessive drinkers and over the top party animals, plus who sticks to the same club the whole week of freshers???? NO ONE
4) GO OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, if you're a person who finds it difficult to interact with people, push yourself out there, my flat mate left me alone the other night and being a girl alone in a club with a group of boys can be rather intimidating. You don't want girls having certain thoughts about you, the amount of anxiety I had, but I thought to myself its fine these people don't know you and they have no idea how bad your anxiety is. My night went fine
5) BE CLOSE with your flatmates, as if uni isn't intimating enough, meeting a million people in the space of 60 seconds, walking into your flat isn't any easier. Of course you judge people straight away and think well they are that sort of person. You learn quickly who's reserved and who's the party animal. Theres no in between as you will find, its one extreme to another. My advice with flatmates is don't shut yourself away, shutting yourself away in your room gives off the impression you're not bothered about making friends, so always leave your door open or sit in the communal area
6) KEEP CONTACT with old friends, your friends are the people who have got you this far, I would be completely lost without mine, I will never understand people who go to uni and push their friends away. Keep regular contact, face timing, texting. At the same time stay close with new people, your flatmates and course friends. Start group chats, just keep regular contact. Uni can be quire lonely especially when you feel down you don't have your old friends to turn to so make sure you feel comfortable with your new ones. ITS ALL ABOUT EFFORT
7) NIGHOUTS, never leave people alone, always stay as a group, I sound like a mum but this is important in an unfamiliar city you can easily get lost and be in danger so always be with people
8) JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME, this week has honestly been one of the best weeks ever, it still doesn't feel real, I feel like I'll be home in a week or two. Its insane
If you have recently just gone to uni let me know how you're finding it
peace out

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