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Self acceptance

                            Hey Huns,

Another one of them deeep posts..

As teenagers, humans, adults, BASICALLY PEOPLE. We are all naturally hard on ourselves, we don't compliment ourselves do we? If someone compliments you do you ever say oh thanks or are you completely baffled by what that person has said? Story of my life 

I think the hardest thing about growing up and becoming more self aware of yourself and things around you is you realise a lot about self acceptance. Something I've always struggled to come to terms with and something I still put myself down for. WHICH I SHOULDN'T AND EITHER SHOULD YOU

Self accepting yourself is pretty damn hard and I admire people who can do it, it's a very slow process for me one that seems to go through loads of highs and loads of lows. It's not only that we have to deal with, allowing other people to accept us is something even more challenging, people judge, it's natural instinct, but why do we always look at that negatively. If someone stares at us in the street why do we think they can see our flaws or just don't like us? Why don't we ever think oh they must think I look nice. If people smile, even I can hold my hands up to this, I question why did that girl smile at me, does she feel sorry for me, is she being nasty? 

Acceptance is a brutal process right. Accepting who you are, not only could this be your appearence, weight, or allowing others to accept you. But we forget about sexuality, imagine the struggle of self acceptance if you don't accept yourself but others not accepting you for simply being yourself? 

My advice? 

Don't ever give up. I'm still learning about myself, I hid in a shell for years and only recently am I pursuing the person I am deep down, someone who is highly sensitive but equally motivated and ambitious to not let others views or opinions defeat me anymore. They might have gobbled me up in the past and kept me hidden for a good century of my life,?but I kinda think without all that negativity  I once had would I be the person I am today? 

God this is deep isn't it 

When I have too much focus time, self acceptance is something that crosses my mind (pretty much all the time) 

BUT at the end of the day life is this whole big cycle of never ending opportunities, excitement and highs and lows 
Just gotta stay positive ay


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