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                         Hey guys,

Now I don't know about you but at the start of every month do you ever feel like extra motivational? Like I'm gonna be the next fitness guru, I'm gonna get a six pack never eat chocolate again, this month is going to be the one? I do that at the start of every month and never get anywhere different 

However I feel like September is a month of change, mainly because we have had a break for 6 weeks or more and now we are back to the same educational routine so you get all your new equipment and you feel all snazzy and intelligent ready to ace the year..feeling like that yet? Anyway I'm off to uni in a few weeks..mental, so I feel like today is a day to make the mark of change because it's gonna be a fresh new start and three years of brightness and hell

However I think this has possibly been the worst start to the month you could have. I don't know about you but do you ever get those days where literally everything and I mean EVERYTHING goes wrong like throughout the entire day and it gets to the point you want to bury yourself alive..maybe not that extreme but you get my point

So today I've scolded myself with my curlers by leaving them on my leg, I tried to film a YouTube video and realised I hate the camera and I can't find anywhere in my room with a decent background and my eyebrows don't look even and I HATE THE SOUND OF MY VOICE! Well done Ella you're going to success fully at uni with broadcast journalism :)))

I then had the joys of working, and managing to somehow get six million into my screen and having to void it off so I most probably won't have a job, I forgot to give customers their change, I've had a bowl of coco pops the entire day, you know when you just completely give up
With the day

So now I'm sat in bed in a confine space praying to god that nothing else will top my day so I'm just sitting still for now

I'll try again tomorrow..

ANYWAY, I hope you all have a fab time going back to school and all that for the next however many years 

Um what else do I have to say..oh I'll be more active again now..I'll try I get distracted form blogging so easily then I get into it again and end up blogging every day 

So hope the start of September for you had been a ball like mine 

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