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Hey lovelies
So I definitely feel like we are approaching the winter season now, don't know about you, but usually September isn't this cold, I mean I've never had to shut my window at night because I'm that cold. Anyway even tho we should be wrapping up for winter and covering up a bit more, I feel like you can still get away with chunky boots, a thick cardigan, long sleeved top and shorts. I might sound crazy to you, I never dress for the seasons properly but I wouldn't recommend this outfit at night, unless you want to shiver your skinny backsides off
So I went on a bit of an forever 21 haul, which I'll do another post about, I've always struggled with finding tops I like, I'm never practical but as I'm going to uni I feel like I need a more casual wardrobe instead of flimsy crop tops which are definitely not going to keep me warm this winter. So I like block colours like black grey and white, but then I am a major lover of stripes, I think stripes always work well with denim skirts, well anything denim and just really casual
So this long sleeved beauty was purchased from forever 21, I'm wearing a size small and this is quite baggy its not fitting but I like slouchy tops I can tuck into high waisted things. So if you're planning on ordering online from forever 21 really consider your size, I would always recommend going a size smaller because their clothes are in between sizes if that makes sense. So I got this for about £12 I think or less, it was definitely under £15, so its a good buy in my eyes
I'm not gonna do a long description as always about my American apparel shorts but I got these off depop for £30, brand new so make sure to constantly check that site, people don't even wear half of their clothes so its worth having a look
Now shoes, I think round about this time every year I always go on a bit of a shoe crazy haul and all of them are the same in different styles... I've always been a major lover of block chunky lace up shoes, I just like the height, they are not too big or small and so comfy. I got these beauties in newlook for £10, last year I had shiny ones from there this year I'm going for just a simple leather look and the best thing is how cheap they are. So deffo check out newlook shoes, they don't always last long but for the price I don't expect them to. I also like how these shoes can be casual or going out, when I go out clubbing I'm not a huge fan of heels, I do prefer just chunky boots or chunky lace ups like this
So let me know what outfits you're loving this September and make sure to follow me on bloglovin, that would be muchly appreciated
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