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Hey huns,
As you're probably aware I've moved to uni and actually finally unpacked everything after a week of mess, its really hard keeping a room tidy yanno
So I said on twitter I would show some of my décor I got for my room, most of it I didn't purchase myself, my family gave me a lil send off party which was completely unexpected and I was showered with décor for my room which I will show you
Lamp- pretty snazzy the uni provided that
Alarm clock - Ikea £4
Plant- Ikea £3
E sign- A vintage shop
These are my fave accesorises so far, I like simple things and I deffo have an obsession with fake plants at the moment, but silver and green are definielty winners for this season
This is my desk area
Birdcage lamp - Laura Ashely
Floral folder- WHSMITHS £6
Primark bedding is deffo worth purchasing this month, I've never really paid attention to primark homeware but this floral duvet set was only £6 and its not too eye catching just SIMPLE which I like

Another fake plant.. this one is from John lewis
So I'm trying to have a sort of theme in my room but haven't decided what yet, but can't go wrong with white, green and silver
So this is some of the décor, let me know if you have any questions



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