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Are you in a controlling relationship?

Would you recognise if you're in a controlling relationship? You would think its pretty obvious wouldn't you, but the thing is sometimes you don't have any idea and you just believe you are in the wrong. Something I regret doing for which seemed like the longest period of my life
It all starts with the little comments, don't do that, that's not ok, but then it escalates you're not going anywhere alone, you can't go out like that, who is this person? I think I had numerous warning signs but I didn't really think much of it
I've never opened up about this certain relationship as relationships are highly personal right, but sometimes you wish you had someone there to listen. I wasn't frightened of my boyfriend, I just felt like I couldn't say or do anything right
Having someone depend on you so much can be emotionally exhausting, I'm someone who likes their own space but having someone highly dependent on you can be a massive weight when you are so unhappy yourself. I found myself constantly apologising for doing nothing wrong
It got to the point where I was so down and tired of ruining this persons life I decided to be strong and finally leave, you might think leaving a relationship is easy but a controlling one is almost imoossible to leave because that person relies on you too much to make them happy and when you're emotionally drained from always being wrong you feel trapped. This is when emotional abuse comes into play something that controlled me
I felt trapped for months I had no idea how to leave, I was scared he would harm himself, its terrifying how people are so dependent on you that they can inflict pain on themselves. Again this was a warning sign of being controlled, after numerous apologies and begging me to stay I carried on and on until the point I couldn't take it
Without my friends I have no idea how I would of got through it, its not easy to get away from someone controlling
My advice to you is to never push your friends away ever, your friends are so important
If you find yourself constantly miserable and apologising for doing absolutely nothing wrong that is when you have to find the strength to leave
If someone makes you feel so small and worthless and they are your significant other half you need to ask yourself why you are still there
Emotional abuse is what kept me, if you're unhappy constantly ask yourself do other couples do this?

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