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Choosing options? The move to college/sixth form

                                                                         Hey Huns,

It's pretty terrifying moving from high school to either college or sixth form, I remember the fear of not knowing what I wanted to do, I stayed on at sixth form as I didn't want to lose my friendship with my best friend. Now my first tip of advice is never stay with your friends, you and your friends have completely different ideas on what you want to do in life. Although these next two years don't affect you that majorly they are a pretty large factor of your life determing whether you go to university or into a job

So first tip is always do what YOU want to do, don't be a sheep. If I had, had more confidence I would of gone to college and focused on a specific subject I wanted to do media and radio. I was put off college mainly due to the thought of making new friends, that terrified me and having to wear your own clothes. Staying on at school felt more natural and the norm I was in an environment which I was used to 

My second bit of advice is to always go out of your comfort zone, it's so rewarding and you see so many new doors open up. If you stay linking arms either your friends and copying what everyone around you does you will never really understand what it's like to be alone in the real world.

So sixth form or college? Depends what you want to do, personally I think if you know what industry you want to go into, I wanted to do journalism then doing a btec that specifically focuses on that at college would be so much better. Sixth from I would say is for people who are unsure of what they want to do and want to try different subjects out.

The difference between college and sixth form is the level of strictness. Sixth form you have to wear uniform it's very school like you have no freedom and you get treated like a child, college you have more freedom but it's up to you to turn up to your lessons, college sets you up for independence you have to take control the teachers don't chase you

So deciding on options? I chose 4 you could do 3 or 4, I would recommend doing 3 personally because of the work load it was very intense and I feel if you focus on three it's so much easier to space out your time. I took history, English, sociology and photography. I really enjoyed sociology and photography but wasn't keen on English and history even tho I'm a journalist. 

My advice about options is seriously look into it, don't let others influence your options, I didn't really want to do history but my parents said I was good at it and it would be a shame as I did so well at gcse. I hated it so much and I couldn't drop it for a year. Make sure you really look into the topics the course covers because it's your alevels and your decisions 

The biggest advice I can give you on this major transition is be prepared for the leap, the leap from GCSEs to alevels is extreme it's kind of like jumping into the deep end over and over again, it's extremely stressful but completely worth it at the end of the two years. REVISE REVISE REVISE make sure you start looking over notes from day 1 honestly it helps so much even if it's just highlighting. Don't be influenced by your friends decisions, if you want to go somewhere else do it you will only
Regret it in the future when you have alevels or a btec you didn't want 

Most importantly have fun, I met my bestest friends at sixth form, I went out of my comfort zone and asked to sit with them, I've been friends ever since. I did many things out of my comfort zone at sixth form, work experience at the Bbc, working with the homeless and mainly finding myself as a person and becoming more self accepting

If you have any questions please lemme know, leave a comment or dm me email me tweet me insta me do whatever 

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