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Coping with bitchy girls

Hey guys
So we've all experienced nasty people in our lives right? I mean its kind of impossible to have not been brought down by someone. There's always going to be someone who focuses on your flaws ( but they are probably not flaws)
I don't know what it is but I've always been one of those people who attract nasty girls. You could be the nicest person ever and someone will still find something to bring you down. You could be the most attractive girl yet someone will do anything to get to you. The worst thing about being a teenage girl is you learn how nasty girls can be
Girls can be vile
When someone constantly makes you feel like you're not worth something how far do you let it go before you say anything? I'm the sort of person who can never defend myself, I've always just let people say what they want to me because I've always thought maybe they are right?
This is the worst thing you can do
My advice to you is to be the better person, people who pick on your insecurities are the ones who struggle the most. Have you noticed that the person who is focusing on you isn't the most attractive person in the world? Or everything they have pointed out about you they have ten times worse? People who focus on you are ones who are not happy themselves. I'll never understand why people do it, why the hell would you want to make someone feel so unattractive and low is beyond me
But please realise these people are not worth your time, girls are jealous and instead of complimenting someone attractive instead they will do anything to bring them down ( but this is not every girl)
If someone is making you feel small, walk away from them, the worst thing to do is to retaliate and most importantly however difficult it is and trust me I know, don't change yourself because that's exactly what they want
If you feel like you have no one to talk to please feel free to message me as I've said before

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