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Not a fan of your reflection? Here's how to cope

Name one person who can look in the mirror and say 'I'm perfect'. No one will ever say that. No one is 110% happy with their bodies, their features, their face, their personality. Being a teenager these things affect you the most no matter how hard you try to avoid them they are always on your mind.

I think my negativity about myself stems a lot from boys. If a boy makes you feel like you're worth nothing or they choose another girl over you, you stare at yourself for a while, put yourself down and try and pick apart what is wrong with who you are. Let me tell you, absolutely nothing. It's not just boys that can make you reevaluate yourself but girls equally. And do you know what? If people make you feel like you're nothing, show them you're everything. Smile in their face and act confident no matter how broken you are on the inside because if people comment on you they are unhappy with themselves and you are worth so much more than that.

It saddens me that in this generation our appearance affects us way too much. 11 year olds committing suicide or self harming. Social media flooding our streams with Victoria secret models, airbrushed celebs. It's just not cool, I wish it could be banned. I mean there is nothing wrong with models, they are highly attractive but why to qualify for that profession must you be stick thin, toned and have amazing thin features? 

My advice to learning to accept who you are is to stop acting so god damn negative. You're perfect and you will be perfect to someone you meet in the future unless you've found them now. You have to stop the thoughts of hatred towards certain features, push past them and realise there is so much more to life than your face.

If I could give my younger teenage self any advice it would of been to be happy. To of taken photos, go to parties, meet new people. But I was too sickened by my appearance I panicked every time I left the house, you need to get out this routine and once you start having a fresher mind and realising hey I'm not actually ugly. I mean there are people in this world dying from horrendous illnesses, how selfish do you feel that you can't carry on with your life because of your face? Someone in that position would do anything to continue their life. 

You have to look at the scale of this issue, appearance isn't everything. Go out have fun with friends, take photos and smile. Because sad girls are not girls people want to approach , you're all perfect you just don't realise.

Trust me I completely understand how hard it is to hate on yourself but distraction methods are so important and surrounding yourself with people who don't care a less about their looks.

Teenage years are full of ups and downs but they are the most exciting 

Please don't let how you feel on the inside stop you from continuing your life. It's just the way you feel, no one else can see what you see. If I had taken this advice when I was younger I would have a completely different outlook on everything 

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