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4 days til Xmas

Christmas is fast approaching can you even believe it's this week? I can't 

I thought I would share some christmassy decorations we have to get you in the mood

I don't know about you but I can't wait for the day I can design my own house and have some fabulous Xmas interior 

It's deffo allowed to go OTT at xmas, real Xmas trees are so much prettier than fake ones 

Got to have plenty of fairy lights and a range of colours, silvers, greens and coppers you can have the lot at Xmas. What would Xmas be without reindeer candles? 

Again more fairy lights and snowflakes 

What would Xmas be without a little snow angel (monty) 

Hope you've all had a fabulous Monday, let me know your fave Xmas decor 

Ella x

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