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Bit of an interior design post for you today
So arriving home from uni and the thought of coming home to an empty dull room did not really take my liking
So why not bring my decor with me, as I'm staying here for a month might as well have some light in my life, which meant shoving everything I could into a bag without my mum seeing as I had already filled the car up with stuff that could last a lifetime :)
I'll try and remember where any of these items are from, any questions either email, tweet or insta me 

Blush candle// waitrose// £8// smells lush

Plant// ikea// £3// necessity// you have to have fake plants at uni

Birdcage lamp// Laura Ashely
Bed// Laura Ashley

Bunting// vintage fair// £5

Gotta have colour in your life, PINK PILLOWS

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