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Reflecting on the end of semester 1

OK so if you're wondering what the last three months of uni have been like, well all I can say is a BLUR. 

You lose track of time quite easily, I don't even know where these last three months have gone, they have literally flown by with a million ups and downs

The best thing about going to university is your INDEPENDENCE, no parents nagging you to come home early, you can stay out til whenever you like. But then you're completely in control of your own life, your health and well being. And well, mine has definitely deteriorated in the last three months. You start noticing how empty your cupboards are and eat the same meals every night. Pasta is good for that...

On the other hand past all the pre drinking and going out, then the best part of the night arriving at the chip shop and of course the endless photographs. You then wake up and realise you have a 9.15 lecture and then yep you get a reality check. Assignment deadlines start creeping up, they give you about a month and then you realise you have one night to do it in :) Fabulous

On top of that you welcome with open arms the endless amount of breakdowns, arguments and heartbreaks. But that's just part of being a teenager right?

University can be pretty lonely but if you surround yourself with the right people then you will be bliss

Just make sure you stay motivated and look after your health and realise sadly uni isn't just for partying....

If I could stay in first year for the next three years I would but sadly all good things come to an end (how corny)

Today after months with no motivation which usually happens at this time of the year, I've decided to start looking after myself again and get my blogging back on track, because blogging is something that will always be my fave past time

If you have any questions about semester 1, uni in general or my course please feel free to comment or message me :)

I will get back to this blogging business and my OOTD'S

Just bare with me 

Much love x

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