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Living in halls? Whats it like?

If you're planning on going to uni this year you're probably wondering what its like to live in halls or university run houses. I would personally recommend you stay in halls on campus as thats how you get to know a lot of people and commuting to uni is only a footstep away. However friends that live in houses complain they miss out on the socialising aspect and have to wake up earlier to commute to uni.

So why is it good to live in halls?

-  Social aspect- pre drinking in large masses from different halls
- Short walk to lectures
- Meet loads of new people
However uni halls are under strict guidance from security, anyone can walk in and do checks so you do feel you have no privacy, they are even allowed to go into your rooms which I still feel shouldn't be allowed. They can be quite strict by doing regular health and safety checks and god don't do pranks especially if one of your flatmates doesn't get on with you because security will be called, just a warning. So it is quite strict

Therefore living in houses you're not going to constantly be checked on, you can probably be more noisy and throw parties.

BUT you can do that in halls, we play music very loud and haven't yet received a noise complaint, its not ideal when you have assignments and the whole campus is pre drinking, all you can hear is screaming and music, but hey thats the uni life and I love it

Kitchens, sharing a kitchen is something I'm not a fan of.  You will find some of your flatmates don't have the same personal hygiene you have and will leave dishes, messy worktops and just won't clean up after them which is quite stressful

But overall living in halls is really fun, theres not a day yet where I haven't laughed or met new people. I would definitely recommend it

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via social media or on here 


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