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Never let someone determine your self worth

''Your value doesn't decrease based on someones inability to see your worth''

I can't stress the importance of this quote. Too many people allow others to make them feel they are not good enough, not attractive enough, not intelligent enough. Sadly there are too many people in this world who will try to belittle you, but who are they to judge you? Just because someone underestimates you doesn't mean you can't go out there and prove them wrong.

I remember I went to the BBC to interview a DJ at radio 1xtra, the most exciting but terrifying experience of my life. I was 15, shy, didn't push myself out of my comfort zone incase people judged me on it. I was terrified of what people thought of me, I still am but now I'm older I'm more determined to prove others wrong. 

Now a lot of people would be nervous to interview someone, I've never done a proper interview, didn't know how to speak or socialise with someone older. It was terrifying but I did it and I loved it. I knew I wanted to do radio work from that day on. The woman who had taken me to do this interview was a very experienced journalist, she was professional and stern which made me uncomfortable. But I can't thank her enough for the opportunity she gave me. However she shattered my dreams in one line, '' if you want to be a radio journalist god you have to be more confident''. She picked on me the entire time, look up ella, smile ella, talk louder ella, she humiliated me and made me feel useless. Did I let it affect me, yes I did then but now? No.

Since that day I have pushed myself to do so many amazing things, interviews with charities, interviews with the homeless, presentations, job interviews. I haven't given up since, I'm now at uni doing journalism and working on radio. I love it so to the woman who told me I would never be able to do it all I can do is laugh at her because I did, and I'm going to keep proving people wrong.


The worst thing you can do is not achieve your dreams because others are more experienced and want to make you feel that you can't. Those people started out like us, they didn't have the experience or the confidence and if they tell you they do they are clearly lying. I know I will never make someone feel they are incapable. 

You can do so many things if you forget people exist and their comments, just do what makes you happy and achieve

thats the only advice I can give 


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